Turning on Dropbox integration

Hi Jeff

Tried mailing your sales people but i don’t got a last response yet. How can I turn the Dropbox integration on in our entity? And could you tell me where our server is located? For our gdpr compliance it should be in Europa.

Currently I am connecting our services like Jira, Spotler, erp invoices and Hr requests to create one big overview for my employees and starting to onboard my 27 employees slowly.

Could you inform your sales people to get back to us, or can you help us?

Have great weekend.


  1. Our sales has contacted our developers on Friday regarding this issue. They are looking into why Dropbox integration is not working in your account. We will try to resolve this issue early next week.

  2. We have servers in North America (US), Europe (Belgium), and Asia (Taiwan). You can send a support request to our support staff to schedule a move to our European server. They will assist with the move if your account is not already on our European server.


Thanks. Good to know a timeframe