Transaction Rollback

Hi, I’m new and i wanted to know if and how transactions are managed in the Ragic database. Sometimes it happens that to perform an update or data insertion operation, writes are made to multiple tables. For example, if to make an insertion I have to write first on table A and then on table B, but while writing in table B something goes wrong, it would be useful to return to the situation before the writing, or to carry out the “Rollback”, as happens in other databases. So I wanted to know if it is possible to do this or not and possibly how this can be remedied. Is this something you will implement immediately or not?

Hi Michele,

Thank you for getting in touch. Currently, the system does not support a rollback function while editing an entry on the form page. Nevertheless, after saving the entry, you can retrieve the field record by viewing the history of a record/entry and manually restoring the value.