Training for - advanced embedding into websites!


I would like to know if you do any training on how to embed data into websites (e.g WordPress), i.e. data found in a Ragic database form (or even sheets as well). I can easily do this now using the built-in Ragic embedding utility. However, I would like to be able to take embedding to the next level.

I sincerely hope Ragic can help with this, or at least advise me as to where I could be able to learn how to do this elsewhere!

Best regards always.,


Is there anything in specific that you would like to learn about?

Hi Jeff, how are you?

I am looking to do some embedding of Ragic data into a WordPress website. It’s something that I would like to be able to do it for a website project that I am considering. For now… I would like to test doing the embedding first!

Like I said, I Iike the embedding feature already built into Ragic, but I want to do “developer” type embedding for this website, as shown in guide that you provide below:

Guide for HTTP API (Developers)

The content looks very thorough, however, I was hoping for a tutorial or webinar on this topic! If this is not something that you do/will do, then I will have to use the above mentioned material to teach myself! Which is not going to be a problem, it’s just that I would have preferred being taught, rather than teaching myself, in this case!

In advance, thank you for your consideration!

And as usual “best regards”,


Were you able to get any more information on embedding Ragic into WordPress (authenticating users, more customization of the Ragic forms display)?. I am looking to do that as well.