Track Field Values History

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Do you know a way to track or show the changes history of certain field in the same sheet?

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Let´s take the sales template. Leads sheet.
We have a field to set the lead status.

What I want to do is track days then the user changes this status and show it to the current user. This way the user will know when was the first time he worked on the same record (based on the field “status”).

We need to track how many days passed from the date the field start with the default value (lets say “new”) to when the field changed to the last value (i.e. “qualified”).

How about including another read only field (in the same sheet) to show a list of “last modified status” or “last modified value”?

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Maybe this might work?


We are currently designing a feature where you right click on a cell value, choose field history, and a window will display the value change history for this field. Will keep users posted on this thread.

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Please consider also a way to apply formulas (in this case tracking days) to field history values (such as status), because this gives us a basic kpi from industry.


The feature has been released and you may check the field history by right-clicking on the field name and selecting field history:

The result:

Note: the feature is only available for SYSAdmin and users with “Admin” access right.

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Since we’re not quite understand the workflow you describe, it would be pretty helpful if you can share an actual example for us to refer to.

Hello Angie,

Thanks for the screenshots and I guess this feature is very helpful in the case admins want to know what values were stored in specific fields.

Yeap, I´ll describe in a different post the field values history (maybe I need to find another word for history, I guess stage is better.)

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Maybe you can create a “notes” subtable where you track updates. The date the note is being made, as well as the creator, can be auto-populated.

If a formula exists, you could include a field for “days since last update” that calculates the date of the note you are making with the date of the previous note.

Thanks Alaina,

Yeap, I´m thinking adding this subtable, and also inserting a column for the stage field (dropdown).
Regarding “days since last…” I´m doubting between "last update "or “last stage”.

Last update is easier because I have to check difference between notes dates.

For “last stage”, example, think about the travel funnel: dream, plan, book and experience stages. I´ll check it out.

Good stuff!

That is a useful system to have, I know Zoho uses it.
You could have a status column (dropdown) in the subtable, and it will show the flow of stages as you add more entries


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Yeap, I use Zoho as well. You are right.
Thanks Alaina!


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Any time, I am happy to help! I love Ragic

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Could we have the option when importing to enable the history of a field change. This way when we import and change data we can see the changes to fields for imported data also.



You can achieve this by checking “Create detail history” in the advanced setting when importing:


Brilliant, so many features in Ragic you often miss things :+1::clap:

Free solution: RagicSolutions Full Field Auditing 🧮 (free)

Let us know if you want more information about this, and we will make a plan to share it.