Total records on Listing Page (fixed filter views)?


Correct me if I am wrong!

Currently at the top of the Listing Page on the left, there is a records total for the page as well as a total for all records, right next to the “arrow./s” that allows users to move from one page to the next!

However, this is not the case for the fixed filter view! i.e. there is no “total” sheet records. The page total is there, but no sheet total! As I said, please correct me if I am wrong here?

Guys, this is very frustration, when I have to click through to the last page just to find the out the total!

Is there a way to fix this?

Thank guys in advance!



Click on the place marked below and you’ll have the option to count the records:

Can the record count be permanent for views? I want the count the always be on


The record counts will be displayed permanently when there is no filter applied. When a filter applied, you’ll need to manually get the record counts.