Timesheet that tracks payroll and job costing

Hello - I am trying to design a weekly timesheet that will cover both payroll (i.e. clock in/clock out and breaks) as well as automatically allocate hours to jobs for job costing. I am strugging with a method to make all of those pieces work.

Any ideas?


You can download the “Time Sheet” template from install templates and start from there.

If you encounter any issues when building up the sheets, feel free to contact us via “Need Help?”.

Hi Angie
I’ve seen this template. Would it be possible to add functionality that allows an employee to scan a QR code which then starts time recording on a particular project, then re-scan to stop time recording? Ideally the employee would clock in/out at a global level, but also check in/out on individual projects.


For this kind of automatic workflow, it will need extra scripting. :slight_smile:

I have been using the Timesheet template with some modifications. One thing that is really mising is the ability to have a running Elapsed time clock. A field that calculates elapsed time using NOW() will only get updated when the user makes a change to the sheet or refreshes the page.