Time calculation from subform

I’m using a form to track time spent providing support on a given case. On the subform, I’ve got Time Started, Time Ended, and then at the end I have Time Spent. (C8, D8, and H8, respectively.) There’s also a Billable field (E8), which is a boolean.

I guess my main issue is that the calculation in H8 is IF(E8=TRUE,D8-C8,0). In other words, only calculate the time if it’s billable (because otherwise, for this purpose, I don’t really care.) What I’m finding is that the values don’t calculate - at least not consistently. When I add the first subrecord, the value calculates at the end. (Start = 14:35, End = 15:04, and it calculates to 00:29.) But when I add the second record, it doesn’t. (Start = 09:35, End = 10:07). Nothing shows up in the field. It’s as if the calculation only applies to the first subrecord.

Any suggestions?


Would you mind send us a support ticket via the “Need Help?” and authorize us to access your database and have a look at your current design? We’ll need to check your sheet design in order to find the possible causes. :slight_smile:

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