There seems to be a bug when adding columns in the stock list

I haven’t had any issues with this before, however, at a certain point, I can’t seem to add another column on the stock list. When I hit the space bar, when adding a new colour, the cursor will move to the next column along, as opposed to down.

Also, when I save it at this point, it will revert back to an earlier update of the list.![13|690x236]


May I know when you mean “adding columns”, are you referring to add new fields in the listing page or in the form page?

Hi, I am sorry that was slightly confusing - my college wrote to you.
The problem occurs when trying to add new rows to a sub table, after 11 rows it will not save any further entries added.

Hope that is more clear?



Hi Debbie,

For this issue, would you mind to send a ticket to our support team via the “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database so that we could test? Currently, our developers are unable to reproduce this issue.

Hi Angie, I am not sure what you would call this - the problem occurs on the copy of a sub-table from our MAIN PRODUCTS - which we name NEW STOCK IN. It seems we cannot add more than 11 rows ( or we can add but we cannot save more than 11)

If you have any issues in replicating, please log into our account and try to save another row in this page (2321) under NEW STOCK IN.

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for the reply.
That’s why we may request you to send us a ticket through the “Need Help?” since for the moment we don’t have the access right of your database. :slight_smile: