tag/label sort function

Does ragic have task manager providing a tag/label sort function?

It should

  • relate attributes to contacts, and the attribute values should be “labels” (tags).
  • be possible to choose multiple “labels” for one attribute.
  • be possible to search for multiple labels for one specific attribute accordingly

Exemplary use case:

There is the attribute A "expertise/ qualification,

comprising the labels (values) e.g.

  1. Spanish_language_skills,
  2. SQL_knowledge,
  3. good_communicator

We now want to be able to perform a query on this attribute A showing us all possible combination of these attributes and sort by attribute values accordingly,

e.g. see all contacts having the value combination

  • no value
  • 1,2
  • 1,2,3
  • 2,3
  • 3
  • etc.