Tablet Touchscreen Issues

Hi, i have noticed a problem and i am unsure if the issue is with the Browser or Ragic. The Android App works as expected but we also have a Windows 10 Tablet with detachable keyboard. When using Ragic on this device we are using the Chrome Browser. With the keyboard attached everything works as one would expect when using the trackpad. However if i try to click on a selection field via the touch screen it does not work. There doesnt seem to be a way to click on the little down arrow at the side of the selection field.
Any ideas ?


Can i assume, this is not a problem for anyone else. Should i move it to bugs ?

Hi Chris,

I’ve reported this issue to our development team and will notify you once it’s fixed.

Hi Chris,

This issue has now been fixed. Please test and see if it’s working as expected.

Hi Amy, works fine now. Thanbks for the quick response !