SysAdmin vs SysAdmin for specific tabs

When someone is given SysAdmin for a specific tab, are they able to import data to that tab? I only see that they are able to change the design of the form.

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Strange, let me see, but I’m warning you, I have not used this setting myself, as yet! You know under this setting (system administration privileges for every sheet under a single tab - See here SYSAdmin privileges for tabs (, it says nothings about it being any different from SYSAdmin. However, it is a different group to SYSAdmin that you would be adding them to.

Note: Normally, when a new user, that has been added to your list of users, and is also added to the normal SYSAdmin group (and not too a new group that you create called SYSAdmin/sales for example, like in the example shown), they no longer need to be also added to the user group, however, having both selected in this case or not, does not matter!
See here… Granting administration privileges to a user (

Now, once they are system admin (normal SYSAdmin), they have the ability to change the database design, like you said. Basically they would be in full control of the account that they have been added to.

And as for being able to import new data, well yes, the way it works; all user types in Ragic can import data, theoretically. However if they can actually do it, would be determined by what access rights have been applied to the sheet in question, You can read more about access rights from the Learning Centre, link below…

Firstly, if you did not already know, you can set access rights on all sheets by going to the Account Setup >> Access Rights.

You can also set it up from the individual sheets: this way you will find more options/settings available to you. Setting up access rights - form the learning centre:
Access Rights (

Also, if you did not know already, you can learn about some additional setting that you can use when setting up access rights on the “individual sheets” (in the design mode, under Form Setting > Access Rights). These are “set selected user as owner - settings” (be sure not to miss that).

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I guess someone from Ragic tech support could elaborate as to why it is not working for you! Unless another forum member knows about this, i.e…

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