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I have three sheets. One is of people, one is of applications and third one is a ‘connecting sheet’ because it is a many-many relationship. I have set up link and load, new sheet from subtable and also show reference from existing sheet, so when i add application in peoples sheet or i add user in apps sheet it works both ways and creates a connecting record in the connecting sheet.

Then, I added a ticket sheet where I allow people to create a request to add apps to users or the other way around. Adding a recor here starts the approval. When approval is finished (approved), I want to add what was requested - and ideally that would happen automatically.

So someone creates a ticket record, chooses user A, chooses app XY and add a description, it goes through approval, which lets say is approved, and I want to then add this info to my two basic sheets (Users and Apps).

I’m wondering if it is possible to set up something like this in Ragic. I tried with action buttons and updating values, but variables are very limited… any idea or advice about it?


If the data in your ticket sheet is added to the Users sheet and Apps sheet using “Action Buttons,” you can utilize the advanced settings in the approval process.

In the “Execute these action buttons after completing approval” option, you can choose the action buttons you want to run. After the approval process is completed, the selected action buttons will be automatically executed, achieving the automatic addition of data to both the Users sheet and Apps sheet.

Thanks, great funcionality! I didn’t set the action button yet though (due to not knowing javascript) and I didn’t find other option for action as adding a new record… ? Actions buttons are so confusing to me…


Could you please explain the method you’re currently using to transfer data from the ticket sheet to the Users and Apps sheets? Are you manually inputting the data?
If you’re planning to utilize Action Buttons to automate data generation, I suggest considering the “Convert Records Button” function. Thank you.

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Hi Andreja,
From what I learned from the description above.
You already have the “connecting sheets” setup that stores something like:
Connecting sheet [ People, Application]

In order for people to use a “Ticket” to apply and get approval to use the application.
I suppose the Ticket might be approved for <1 People Multiple Application> or <Multiple People, Multiple Application>.

One way to make the approval result being registered into the Connecting sheet is to have the <people, application> combination in the Subtable of the Ticket sheet. And then you use the “Convert Records” Action Button to create new records into “Connecting” sheet based on the subtable in the Ticket sheet.
And you execute the Action Button after the approval of the Ticket sheet.

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that’s correct. Thank you both!

I managed to create a solution with “Convert Records Button”. So now when ‘Ticket’ record is created, approval starts and after approval is completed, the button action executes. Record is converted to ‘connection’ sheet so that data is still linked to both ‘app’ and ‘user’ sheets.

Works perfectly. Thanks again.