SUMIFS Function Dynamic Filtering


In the table below I am trying to calculate an pay period filtered total of scheduled deductions. Essentially the formula I am trying to use in the highlighted column is: “SUMIFS(E11,B11,”="+TEXT(SUBTABLEROW(B11,G11)))"

In Other words I want the sum of all entries in Column “This Period Deduction” if “Pay Period” equal the current row’s “Pay Period”.

Please let me know if this is possible and if so how can it be accomplished?



Would you mind to share a simple example in Excel for us to refer to?


Here is the link



Thanks for the example.

We’re sorry that this kind o of formulas is not supported in Ragic since you won’t be able to refer to values of other subtable “rows”. If you would like to get the total of each date, I would suggest creating a child sheet via new sheet from subtable first. Then, generate reports based on the child sheet to get the total of each date.