Subtables not updating

I have created a Sales form with a subtable linked to a product sheet. If I choose a product on the sales sheet, it populates with all of the current information in the product sheet. However, if the product is updated, this is not reflected in the subtable of an active Sales form. For example, for Sales Order TESTSO-00009, the part included shows no revisions for the file, even though the part should be on revision 5.

Is there a way to make sure the Sales form always shows the most current information from the product sheet? This is important due to the way designs in our company are updated. For any Sales that are currently active, we need to be able to always see the most up to date information regarding the products and/or designs, which can change after a sale has been made but before production begins.


By default, the loaded field will be loaded only when you select the linked field. The purpose is to prevent data gets modified accidentally.

In case that you want to keep loaded sync with the source, you may navigate to the Form page Design Mode, and click on Form Tools to see a list of sheets that are linked with Link & Load under the category. Click on the gear icon next to the appropriate sheet.

A prompt will show like this:

Then, please check the box “Keep Loaded Value Sync With Source”. For existing entries, you may click on “Sync this set of linked fields with updated source value for all records” to correct the field value.

Hi Angie,

Thank you for the explanation! That worked great. :grin: