Subtables Dynamic Filtering


I would like to know if it is possible to filter a subtable using a parent field or to have a dropdown filter for free text fields.

The reason for my question is because sometimes we can have subtables that are quite large, more than 1000+ rows, that is created based on a user selection, so we do not know what is in this list until we start working on it and due to the number of rows the page becomes very laggy and filtering would be the best solution right now, but we can’t do it since we don’t know which product is contained in the subtable, be able to see a unique list of products where we can filter by selecting it would solve our problem. Is It possible or do we have a workaround for dynamic filtering?

I have tried to make a unique list, using UNIQUE(), in the parent sheet but couldn’t find any way to filter a subtable based on a different field.



The simplest solution seems to be have a dropdown filter for free text fields. It looks like the issue here is to find out what unique products are there in this free text field.

But one question first, why wasn’t this field a selection in the first place? If they can freely type the product name, then there will be misspelled names and you will not be able to tell that they are actually the same product.

Because we also don’t know what unique products are there too until we start working on them. I will give you an example of how the workflow works, the team goes to the database and select a group of products based on filters, like providers or the currencies they are available, export it on CSV and import it on Ragic, and some times the number of products can be quite large and it would make the page slow, but we cannot define a select field because the product list will be different for every entry and for the same reason we haven’t found a way to define a default filter. That said, we don’t manually include products in a list, so there isn’t a situation where we can freely type the product name.

We thought about a dropdown filter because that would allow us to see a unique list of the items that are in that particular list, right now if we set a default filter, for example, product A, we would only see product A, but wouldn’t know what other products are in the list to know what we should filter next.