Subtable with a fixed number of rows

I’m just starting out with Ragic. I’m struggling trying to make a subtable with a fixed number of rows. For example, we have 10 trucks named Truck01, Truck02, … Truck10. That is my fixed data. I’m trying to create a sheet to allow us to assign drivers to those 10 trucks. Some truck may not be available, so i simply cannot just create 1 entry after another… For example i want to assign a driver to Truck01, Truck02 (Truck03 is out of service), assign driver to Truck04 and leave Truck03 blank

Is this possible?


Just to make sure, are you looking to pre-populate ten subtable entries (trucks) first before you edit their related details?


Yes, i want the 10 trucks to be created each time i hit New. So that the manager can fill in the necessary information for that day; like the driver’s name and what route they will be taking. The truck numbers are in order to help the manager assign the correct truck to the drivers. We have many more trucks than 10 but they are broken down by cargo size.

Each day we create a spreadsheet (attached). We have dozens of these spreadsheets stored in a folder. I’m trying to replace this spreadsheet with a database that can be stored once and retrieved whenever necessary.

thank you for your reply


It is currently not possible to pre-create subtable entries when creating a new entry. The closest workaround possible would be to clone from an existing entry and then make modifications to the cloned entry.

Fabio, thank you for your help and advice. I will try to clone a sheet as a workaround.

Another method I have used before is to create a separate “template” sheet with the 10 trucks in the subtable.
And you can start from that template sheet to use “Convert” record into the existing sheet.
The benefit of this is that you can create templates for different situation and have these preset loaded into the new table.