Subtable showing all External Users' entries, not just their own

Here is the problem. I have a sheet that has my RFQs listed (request for quotations). External users have a Supplier record for their company in the Suppliers sheet, and multiple Quotation records in the Quotations sheet. Both the Supplier and Quotation sheets have External Users set to Survey User so they only see their records in those sheets. However, the RFQ sheet has external users set to Viewer so that they can see all of the RFQs and choose the ones that they want to submit quotations for. On each record in the RFQ sheet I have a subtable to show the External User’s quotation(s) below the RFQ information.

Here is where the problem happens. Because this sheet has External Users set to Viewer, the subtable shows ALL the quotations from every External and Internal User, not just their own. Clicking on another user’s link in the subtable will take the External User to the Quotation sheet where the full record will refuse to open (since that sheet has External Users set to Survey User). That’s good. However, the information shown in the subtable on the RFQ sheet is also confidential and shouldn’t be shown to other External Users.

Is there a workaround for this? I feel this is a bug, not a feature, since the information in the subtable is being sourced from a sheet without the proper permissions to view this data.

PS. I’ve only been using Ragic for a week and so far I am very impressed with the platform. It really is flexible enough to allow me to create a custom software solution at a fraction of the cost of other business process software!


Currently if you can view one entry, you can view all subtable entries of it.
In your case, I would suggest you to remove the subtable, or make multiple versions of the sheet, one version with subtable, for users who can view all subtable entries, and other version without subtable, for users who should not view all subtable entries.

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Yes, I understand this is how it works, but my point is why? If a user is not allowed to see information from other users on the linked sheet, why would Ragic show any of that information in the subtable?

Put a Group field onto the form
Make the group of the external user default to that fields.
Klick the entry manager check box.


Won’t this do the exact opposite of what I want? I want to only allow the user to see his own quotations, not everyone else’s too. Right now he can see the subtable of everyone’s quotations, because the sheet is set to Viewer, even though the Quotations sheet is set to Survey User. I may need to remove this subtable altogether.

We do understand the concern that a subtable may contain records that the user does not have rights to on the new sheet generated from this subtable.

However, subtable behavior is under an assumption that one single record on a sheet will have the same field values. If this assumption is not upheld, formula calculations will result differently for each users, and pre-workflow / post-workflow script execution would be different for each users. This would result in a behavior that formula results differs when different users are saving the record, or when the formula or scripts were triggered by the system API.

As a workaround, we generally would advice not to use the subtable for this type of access right filtering, but use the new sheet generated from the subtable instead.