Subtable Refresh


I have a question and like to seek for advice.

I got 2 sheet:
(a). Company
(b). People.

In the Company sheet, I have link a subtable for the people where it display names, Tel phone.

seems ok, but when I refresh the Tel phone from the People sheet, the company did not reflect with the updated “Tel phone”. under the company sheet.

how can I make it that it will refresh the data?



For fields that load data on a sheet A, that links data from another sheet B with the link & load method, changes that are made on the data in sheet B will not be reflected on sheet A on previous entries.

Please refer to this article to repopulating loaded fields from their source sheet for Link & Load.

Thanks for sharing and it works.

sorry for asking so many question, I’m new to ragic :slight_smile:

No problem, please feel free to share any idea or question with us.