Subtable Merging - Wishlist

Ragic’s merging feature (to Word and Excel) is phenomenal and incredibly useful!

However, there are some issues with merging subtables that I would like to feature request:

1- Support subtable merges in Word tables

2- Number formatting of subtables in Excel often adds periods or dots (.) to the end of a number.

3- Subtable numbers are often merged to Excel in a format that prevents the numbers from being calculated

4- Subtable rows in Excel are merged with a height of 20 as opposed to Excel’s default 15

5- The final empty row in a subtable should not be merged to Excel

Thanks very much for any attention to this. The merging feature is working out so great for our team and I only hope to see it improve!

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Great to see you are enjoying our merge features!

Items 2~5 seems like pretty good improvement ideas for it, I will submit them internally and see if we can support them.

For item 1 it’s a little more complicated. We do have this item on our task list, and has been / will be looking for a way to do Word subtable merges.

I had an idea for Item 1.

Would it be possible to duplicate a subtable as a Rich Text Field, and then merge that Rich Text Field in to a Word Doc?

I had similar problems with your points 2, 3, 4
This is how I solved them and now my exported excel file looks perfect.

1 - All fields in the ragic sheet are properly formatted (number with decimal points, text, etc)
2 - I run a first merge to see what goes wrong.
3 - I edit the excel merge template:
a) Formatting all cells with the right text formatting (font, size, etc)
b) I set all merged cells to the “General” type, not to any type of number formatting. If all fields are properly formatted in ragic, excel will merge with their values as they show in ragic… no dots or anything added. By doing this not only they show properly but numeric fields can be further processed in excel if you need to do so.
The only exception to this are cells date fields, that you may need to format in excel to meet your specific date formatting (in my case dd-MMM-yyyy).
c) I format then all the page settings of the excel sheet: margins, no cell lines, headers, print area , etc
d) finally upload the fully formatted template to ragic

And any possibility to make this option (merge in text-editor) for Pages (MacOS)?