Subtable Merging - Wishlist


Ragic’s merging feature (to Word and Excel) is phenomenal and incredibly useful!

However, there are some issues with merging subtables that I would like to feature request:

1- Support subtable merges in Word tables

2- Number formatting of subtables in Excel often adds periods or dots (.) to the end of a number.

3- Subtable numbers are often merged to Excel in a format that prevents the numbers from being calculated

4- Subtable rows in Excel are merged with a height of 20 as opposed to Excel’s default 15

5- The final empty row in a subtable should not be merged to Excel

Thanks very much for any attention to this. The merging feature is working out so great for our team and I only hope to see it improve!


Great to see you are enjoying our merge features!

Items 2~5 seems like pretty good improvement ideas for it, I will submit them internally and see if we can support them.

For item 1 it’s a little more complicated. We do have this item on our task list, and has been / will be looking for a way to do Word subtable merges.


I had an idea for Item 1.

Would it be possible to duplicate a subtable as a Rich Text Field, and then merge that Rich Text Field in to a Word Doc?