Subtable formula not triggered in Ragic App


A Ragic form was designed as the figure above.
There is a formula written in Qty field as following:
IF(A1.RAW=‘Y’,C2,C2 * 2),
where A1 corresponds to field A with selection ‘Y’ or ‘N,’ Qty corresponds to B2, and Qty2 corresponds to C2.
The default value ‘2’ was set in the Qty2 field.

When a user edits this form in Ragic App, the formula in Qty field(B2) will not be triggered or recalculate until the value in A (A1), or Qty2 (C2) was updated.

App version: 4.1.0
Platform: Android


Can you send an email with your sheet link to We will look through your design and reproduce the issue.