Subtable Fields

Why when I change the parent field the data on the sub-table does not update with the new field selected and instead it keeps the same data of the original parent field. And if I save with the new parent field, it takes the same data of the original. I am including a few screen shots of a very basic sample I am working on. The same happens in the Sales Order template for Ragic.




Do you mean that when your change the link field “Location” and you want the system to load whole subtable based on your linked field? If that’s what you want to achieve, it’s not supported in Ragic. You may refer to this article for further information.

Thanks for the help. Not sure if that the case but just to verify:

Where is the option I am including with the screen shot in Ragic. I can not find it anywhere.



As we’re not quite sure what you’re referring to, would you mind to send a support ticket through “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database and explain the workflow you would like to have as detail as possible?

Just submitted the support ticket with a screen shot and explanations. Thanks for the help.