Subtable Entries as Pivot Table Value Fields


I am hoping to set up a pivot table report that has subtable entries as the value fields. The subtable in question has a comment field. I’d like the multiple comment entries in the comment field to be displayed as the value fields in a pivot table.

Is this possible?



Currently, reports can only be generated based on the stand-alone fields instead of fields in the subtable. Hence, you may need to use new sheet from subtable to convert your subtable into stand-alone fields first.

In the newly created sheet, if you need to add more fields from the parent sheet, you can follow this method.

Then, please generate the reports based on the new sheet.

Thanks Angie, that worked great!

Follow up: Is there a way to left justify the entries in a value field? Also, since I’ve got multiple entries in a value field cell, they’re separated with commas. Is there a way to change this to moving each entry to a new line within the cell?



You may set up from here.

It’s not supported. You’ll need to do it manually.