SubForm or List view for many items within one service sheet?

I’m looking to use Ragic to create a similar landscape form with subform for assets and selection fields based on Pass/Fail selections for each similar to attached:

Is this do-able within Ragic if the subform is already populated witha sheet of items the ref no of tthe item being checked … there are many assests within the check sheet and to do it vertically rather than horizontal check selections would be very wasteful (55pages!)

The items/assets themselves have fixed other data but the checks are to be made against each asset’s id no.

The form should be able to be reused for another check in the future with a different date/inspection number header but retaining a default to Blank/Not Tested for each item so that the engineer has to toggle each one to Pass or Fail for Boolean choices and enter temp numbers in those fields that are numeric?

We used to use fieldview for this and it worked well, all other form designers have struggled with being able to craete the Pdf in the same format ie horizontal many listing format…

Also, Need an autonumber for each time form opened to get a serialised check shet no, a single photo upload and some sig boxes for engineer and client signoff (with dates)


Hi Rob,

If we understand correctly, you wish to create a work sheet where each CMB reference number could have its own check-up records where you can have reference number created, fields to file photos and boxes to check. We would recommend you to design a sheet to file basic information for CMB first, and another sheet for check-up record(where you can add different field types e.g. file upload, auto generate etc. ) And then link these two sheets by using the feature called Show Reference from Existing Sheet to list out the check-up records based on CMB reference No.
In this way, when you go a CMB data, the related check-up record will list out in the form.

Feel free to contact Ragic Support if you need further assistance!


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