Sub-table reference sheet filtering


Are there plans to implement filtering for embedded sheets as this would help with many of the issues related to long subtables and gives the ability to only embed relevant records.

I was thinking the filter mechanism used to filter link and load can be replicated for this downstream.

Example uses:

  • Only show active support tickets inside a company record

  • Only show contacts for a company who are still with the same company.

  • Only show available venue for a given city\location record.

  • Only show active subtasks linked to a project record.

I am sure many of you will have similar requirements.



We do have some near term plans to performance tune the page rendering so that large subtables can be rendered faster. We will also take your suggestion into consideration for applying the default subtable filters to the web embeds.


Good to know you have been working on this.


We will need the ability to filter records displayed in the subtable even if performance is increased. We only want to show relevant records such as active projects or calls inside a company sheet and not require the users to scroll through a lot of irrelevant records.

Any news on having something like this?