Styling Description Features

When we create form with styling descriptions and logo but we can see that styling descriptions and logo of our company if we login through the phone apps.

Hi, do you mean that you would like to be able to see the styling description and logo on your iOS and Android mobile phone apps?

Yes, the styling description and logo in iOS and android phone

Because the layout of the sheet is completely different on mobile apps, we’re still trying to figure out a good way to transform the form descriptions to the mobile app. Our team will keep this suggestion in mind and feel free to let us know if you have some good ideas on how these form descriptions can be converted into the mobile app interface.

Thank you, @jeff_kuo! Our sales agents would greatly benefit from a new mobile app interface.

@alaina do you mean the form description would also be important on the mobile app interface? Previously when we discussed the mobile app interface, because we think this is mostly for internal use, so we did not place the form descriptions as a high priority element. (Also because it’s a little hard to transform them into the one column mobile app interface.)

I’m sorry, I seem to have over looked the word description when I read

I had thought you were working on the form as a whole for mobile app, since it looks and functions differently. I have only tested on my tablet, and it was not recent. So, I am going to look at it again and check for updates as well as my new phone. If I remember correctly, the formulas and auto population weren’t functional, but I may be mistaken on that. I will update soon.

  1. Formulas and auto population should be supported on both iOS and Android now. Feel free to test it out.

  2. You actually brings up a good point, maybe a button to show how the record looks like on the Web interface. Displaying the printer friendly version of the record should be helpful, would it?

Hi, it really can be considered to do the form description on the mobile app interface, its really giving benefits for our company where our employees use the ragic through mobile apps to submit form. Could I get to know is it filter features available in the mobile app ?

  1. OK. We will consider adding support for form descriptions on mobile apps.

  2. Currently we do have filtering support on iOS app, and is working on filtering support on Android which should be ready soon.

That great, thank you.

  1. For the filtering support on iOS app could we get steps how to do filtering, it seems a bit
  2. While for the android apps that will be much more appreciate if we get to know when the
    filtering support will be get ready


Regarding filtering in iOS APP, you may refer to this tutorial. :slight_smile:

Yes, a way to see/change the mobile interface would be great (like rearrange fields, or hide unnecessary ones.) Right now, the list view is difficult to use since there aren’t filters and no column titles. Creating a new entry seems like it’d be confusing for the agents since all the fields are in random order. I do understand that your team is working on lot of things, so I’ll just keep an eye out for updates.

What do you mean about displaying the printer friendly version?

Hi Alaina,

  1. Do you mean to have a specific set of fields and ordering just for mobile apps interface?

  2. I mean to display a view only version of a record that looks exactly like the printer friendly version of the record, so that you can see the record in the web layout instead of the mobile app layout.


  1. Yes, because I have many fields that are there only for the purpose of formulas and they are set all the way to the right and set to light colors so that they aren’t in the way. But in the mobile app, I am seeing them mixed into the main fields. In the mobile app, it’s just one long list of fields.

  2. Oh I see now, that makes sense.

Filtering entries from our Android mobile app is now supported. You may update your Ragic app to the latest version (1.7.0) and test it out.