Students who are eligible for courses based on prerequisites

Hi, I want to determine the courses each student is able to register for next year, based on course prerequisites and the courses a student has already taken and the grades received. Is this possible with Ragic!?


Ragic is a database design tool that allows non-programmers to build and design their own databases according to their workflow. Ragic provides multiple tools for users to use directly, such as form linking, approval process, applying formulas, etc.
We provide some template sheets (such as ERP) built by our staff (non-engineers) for users to install from Install Templates.

In your case, you may create different kinds of forms and link them together.
You could also use formulas and Dynamic Filtering to determine which classes can be chosen.

Basic Ragic tutorial videos: Ragic Webinar: Getting Started With Ragic - YouTube


You could probably use Cascading Tables to achieve what you are looking to do. So, if the student has completed certain criteria, then those classes would be visible.

Please let me know if this helps.


Angie -

That makes sense, thank you!

Glad to help!