Static fields Mobile

Hello team,

Any plans to include static fields/ descriptions/ html into Mobile?
I´ve been switching between the mobile and desktop version and never notice it before. These texts are super handy to show instructions or hints for users.



We do receive request regarding this, however, since the layout on mobile app is different from the one on web, we haven’t come up with a good way to display it on our mobile app. Any suggestions (with example) would be helpful for us.


I think a simple popup would work on the mobile app, much the same as on the desktop. You could make the popup the same size as the viewport if you are worried about space. Click the field name to popup the instructions, and then click the popup to make it go away again.

Not quite sure about what you meant.

Let’s take an example here. Would you please let us know how you’d like to display below 5 description fields on mobile app in below case?

Sorry, I think I was mistaken on the question. I was thinking of the instruction popups when you click the “?” in the browser. These are missing in the mobile app and would be very helpful there.

This would be a different topic as I think Venditumlatam is talking about static fields (description fields)

For field instruction (the question mark), I’ve forwarded this information to our team and will let you know once it’s online.

Indeed. The adoption rate for some users depends on instructions, steps and how to´s; for mobile is a must.



Field instruction is now supported on our mobile app. Please update your mobile app to the latest version and see if it’s working as expected.