Slow Pages when Linking to Many Other Sheets

I have created an audit page for in our Ragic system that is used for a General Audit. This page links to many other pages, such as linking active vendors or corrective actions throughout the year. This audit page also uses Rich Text Field so in depth notes can be made on topics. However, this page runs incredibly slow. I’ve attempted to use different browsers and Google Chrome is marginally faster than others. Since we keep track of all this data in Ragic, it makes sense to have an audit form that points to all the relevant data. Frankly, if this form wasn’t so slow it would have solved many problems/fast tracked much of our annual review work.

Has anyone else had this issue? If so, does anyone have a solution?

Work around:

If the new form page is allowed to sit for a few minutes data can be entered with minimal delays. The fields with the longest delay are “Link to other sheet” fields with a single entry. Fields with multiple selections are quicker than single entry. While this doesn’t identify the cause or permanent solution, it does allow for use of the page.