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This is my first post so please excuse my ignorance. I was told by support to reach out and ask for help.

I have a set of sheets that I use to track my sample orders. I’ve made 2 separate sides (copy of the same file pretty much), one for customers and one for factories. Since I’m a middleman, I want to avoid customers seeing factories’ email and vice versa.

What I need help with is triggering an email from one side to the other.

When a factory submits a photo or other information about the sample they are making for the customer, I have an action button that updates the data in the customer file. Same thing happens when a customer adds comments or approves the samples, the data is sent to the factory’s record via an action button.

Ragic support said an email can be triggered from another file via javascript. It needs to find the related record in the other file (keyed by unique order number) and trigger a custom email to the email address(es) in the record’s notify field.

Please let me know if you can help.

Thank you,

Hi Rony,

I’m a happy Ragic user for the past few years now, and for time to time an eager member of the forum.

I just saw your post on the community summary email, and thought that I could maybe be of some assistance, by directing you to the correct information!

In case you have not yet see it yet!

Here is what the forum says about sending a custom email, be sure to scroll down to the part about “Send custom e-mail after saving”, as I feel that you would like to automate the sending of the emails…

[Send Custom E-mail (] (

I see that you are using the action buttons for “updating another record”! And now you wish to send an email, either by clicking an action button, or automatically when the record is saved.

However this feature, to my knowledge, only allows you to include parameters related the record that is being viewed, and not any related record as well. I say this as you mentioned above that the email would need to contain information found in another related record.

If this is the case, then, to my knowledge, this is not a supported feature, and so, you would need to look into writing a java script workflow, or maybe modifying the code found in the “send custom email” action button feature just mentioned.

Unfortunately I don’t do much coding, so I would not be able to help with that.
Hopefully someone else may be able to help you with the coding, if that is what you need!

I hope that this contribution was helpful!

All the best and good luck!


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Further to that…

Sorry I forgot, I was going to say…

Why don’t you try using the “link and load” feature in Ragic, to bring the information from the related record, the information that you need,… into the record that you are using. That way you can use the “Send custom email” ACTION BUTTON feature as it is without the need for JavaScript Workflow. As you will have all information that you need, now present in the record as well…

This should work!


Hi Kane,

Thank you for the suggestions. I already went over all the possibilities with Ragic support, it seems the only solution is a JavaScript. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find anyone that can help. I even reached outside the Ragic community as suggested by support, no one knows about Ragic or would touch it…
It’s pretty sad because it does seem like a great solution for database.

Hi Rony,

If it is that you need JavaScript written, it’s a very popular language, so anyone can write it for your Ragic implementation, as far as I know this is the case…, Ragic support feel free to confirm this if you can!

Rony I have been using Ragic for some time now, like I mentioned, and it has really been great. Up to now I have been able to get my database set up to meet my requirements, and did not need to do any scripting myself. The features already in Ragic allowed me to do whatever I needed to do. I few times I had to talk with the support team, and they helped me with some workarounds (unfortunately these workaround are not always present in the Ragic Learning Centre, so I may suggest that they include a section of WORKAROUNDS).

Also Rony I thought you may appreciate it to know that there is a Ragic Partner that I am aware of, they are active on the forum, and I have dealt with them in the past. If you need any scripting they could help you with it. Look for they on the Forum, they go by the name of Ragic Solutions, they also have a website and Facebook

In fact Rony I loved Ragic so much that some time ago I became a Ragic Partner, yet to make a sale yet though :slight_smile:

I may have read your brief incorrectly but I am sure that the workaround that I gave you would work. Maybe I was not clear enough with my solutions. You know the staff at Ragic almost always find a good workaround. I am surprise you have not got one as yet. And when they don’t have a workaround that can get it done, they usually are able to accommodate by including new or modified features that can do the job. They did this for me a few times, quite promptly I can add, and I found this to be most helpful Rony.

As a Ragic Partner, I don’t charge for being active on the Forum.

Wishing you well Rony!


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Thanks Kane. It would seem JavaScript is very popular and there should be many service providers. I reached out on, although there are hundreds of people offering javascript, out of the 10 or so I contacted none was willing to work on Ragic, they had never heard of it. I even sent them the JavaScript help page from Ragic.

I will check out see if they can help. Thank you for that!

I’m pretty sure I understand your proposed workaround, it doesn’t work in my case. I’m a middleman, ragic is designed to share everything with everyone. My database design allows customers to post on one record and update another record on a different sheet with the same info. When that happens, I need an email to go out to the owner of the other record. The owner of the current record on the current sheet can’t see the email address of the owner of the corresponding record on the other sheet nor can the other party see the current record owner info…

I have been a long time FileMaker user, pretty handy with all the features on there including scripts.

I think Ragic has a lot of potential, it’s sad that there isn’t more support for JavaScript or that they don’t have a simple interface to make things happen that way. The built in features are great. Easier layout design and scripting interface would make it amazing.


Kane is right, most of the time you can do 90% without needing to write code. However, there are also many instances where you need some custom code often to trigger existing Ragic functionality in a new way, if that makes sense.

I have a number of active Ragic projects right now and our model at is more focused on coaching to get self-sufficient ASAP so that you become the next Kane :wink:

Let’s chat (no charge) and unpack your needs and see if Ragic can already do what you need, otherwise we can see when we can assist you with some code.

Email me or WhatsApp click here to WhatsApp me

Chat soon.

If it is that the problem with the workaround that I suggested, the part where you can use a link and load to pull the information in from the other record, causes a problem, in that the customer or owner of the other record, would now be able to see in new information coming in from the link and load (sensitive information), if I’m following you correctly. If this is the case, then you could hide those fields, and if you needed to see the information for yourself, you could make a duplicate sheet with the same data.

Anyway, just trying to help, nice talking with you!

If it worth anything, I’d like to add, that unlike FileMaker, you don’t really need any training to use Ragic, Ragic is meant to be a simple easy to use database management system that anyone can use.

If your still interested in using Ragic, I would suggest you take a look at the section on x-users, as x-user allows you to limit who see what sheets. There is a generic x-suer group already included, and you can also add as many new x-xxx user groups as well.

I would also like to add, if you would care to bear with me on this my friend…

My experience with Ragic over the past few years, has been nothing short of exceptional! In that, I have found that if something is very important, and you are able to convey this to them, in other words, if it that you are not just playing around (at that point in time), then it is my experience that they do take their customer’s needs very seriously, and go to extraordinary lengths to make sure to get what it is you what, in the end, that is.

Also, really and truly from my perspective, if it is that you have a complicated database, that you need asap, and it’s the first time you are using Ragic…, “yes” you can start straight away without any training, and you will probably get pretty far, right-off-the-bat.

Up until recently I was still making regular changes to my db.

But the fact of the matter is that you will still need some time to get use to it.

So I would hope that you bear with it, and give it some precious time… that it so deserving of!

All the best,


PS - Let me know if I can be of further assistance. I’m usually on

Thanks Kane!

I actually didn’t have to get any training for FileMaker, I had it since the first versions and knew all about it until version 13 or so. I was able to write complete systems with scripts and all.

My files are pretty advanced on Ragic. I started off with the wrong design because I didn’t understand how notifications and ownership worked.
Tania at Ragic support was very helpful in answering my many questions and helping me get a jumpstart on my solution.

As you say, Ragic is a very simple system that anyone can use if you want to use it as a glorified spreadsheet. It also has very advance scripting functions that can allow it to be used as a first class database. Unfortunately for me, I don’t speak javascript. In order to deploy my (and many others that I need to address) solution on Ragic I would need to find a reliable source for JavaScript coding.

Since I’ve already invested so much time, I am trying to find a solution. It may be that ragicsolutions that you told me to contact could help, they are reviewing my sheets. Let’s see how that goes, I would be happy if I can work with Ragic as my database.