with Apple


Is it possible to please implement a Sign in with Apple option in addition to the Sign in with Google option? Apple App store requires this in order to approve our custom app that signs in to ragic.

Alternatively, if we can disable the sign-in by Google option from Company Settings that would also allow us to pass review.

Apple’s guidelines specify that if you offer Google sig-in you must also offer Apple. :frowning:

Hi Meir,

Just clarifying, are you embedding the log in page from Ragic in a Webview component in your iOS app as a way to sign in? We would like to make sure where the support you would like it to be added, because we do have an Apple sign in feature on our app, which is currently not available on the standard Web log in page.

Yes - exactly. I am currently viewing the regular ragic login page within an iOS app using webview. Apple won’t approve this usage since there is a Google option but no Apple one. I was able to hide the Google one and get it approved, but this is less than ideal. Ideally ragic would offer both options on the regular login page.

I will discuss this with our developers and see if we can add the support.