Side by side records

Rather than being able to see and edit just one detail record at a time on the form view, have the ability to design the form several detail records at a time e.g. to display 3 records simultaneously, side by side in 3 columns


Would you mind sharing some user cases so that we can offer suggestions based on your need?
As another way, editing multiple entries on listing page is supported, you could try this out.

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I would like to use up the blank screen space to edit/view a second record card next to the single record shown on the attached screenshot.


Also to have the flexibility the ability to define a grid of cards in a layout of X columns and X rows with a way of paging through the whole group.

Also would like to have the ability to hide the Ragic interface menus on the left and at the top in order to have a more customised “distraction free” interface