Show reference from existing sheets (add record tab not closing automatically)

From Show reference from existing sheets, there is an option to create a button to add a record.
This option opens the referenced sheet and after it is saved, it should close automatically.
Since a few days, it no longer closes automatically.


We are not exactly sure what you mean by “close a record automatically.”. Would you provide more information such as which record, feature, pages etc. should close automatically.

Thank you!

I meant it should close the tab of that sheet in the browser automatically.
Let me explain.
This is the parent sheet with a subtable showing references from a child sheet.

I have an action button in the parent sheet that opens up a new browser tab with the child sheet to add a record.

As a click “save” the record, the child sheet tab on the browser should close automatically.
Then it returns to the parent sheet showing the recently added child record on the subtable.

This is how Ragic is been working in the past few years. This feature is important as it saves times and keeps the user focused on the parent sheet. But since this week, after clicking “save” on the child sheet, that browser tab does not close automatically and does not return to the parent sheet.

Please check this out.
It is important to our company.


Thanks for the clarification. Developers have been working on this issue for a while. We will readjust it back to the previous version. We will let you know once the project is completed.

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It is already fixed.
Thank you, very much. :smiley:

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