Sheet breakdown structure

As far as I know, sheets in Ragic can now be organized within Tabs. I miss at least one additional breakdown level.
Furthermore, the way to move sheet from one tab to the other is not very friendly actuall.


We are working on a new version of our menu structure configuration, which will include a different user interface and at least one additional levels. We will keep everyone posted here.

+1 for this feature. Any update on this?

There is a big overhaul on our menu structure, it should be ready in 1~2 months.

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Please consider the possibility of storing sheets / Multiple versions in the tree structure.

  1. Save time to switch to a specific version of the sheet.
  2. Location Dependent sheets in a branch of the main sheet
  • MainSheet1
    • DependentSheet1
      • DependentSheet2
  • MainSheet2
    • DependentSheet3
    • MainSheet2_v1
      • DependentSheet3
      • DependentSheet4
    • MainSheet2_v2
      • DependentSheet5