Several providers so several notificactions

Our company sells packages (for example: a weekend for 20 people including menu, paintball, karting and accommodation). Each service has a different provider and I need to notificate them all. The process is like this: I send to my customer a quote, he can accept or reject it. If he accepts I want the app sends a email to all the involved providers so they confirm or not their availability. The quote status must automatically change along this process, from “Not confirmed by the customer”, to “Pending of providers confirmation” to “Confirmed” once all the services have been confirmed by the providers. Can this process be developed with Ragic? If so, how???


As discussed last year, when you get the approval from customers, you’ll need to manually start the approval flow to your providers. (You can add them as external users as well.) If you would like the system to send the approval request to providers automatically after you get the approval from customers, it may need further scripting.