Services Business Template

I do computer graphics services, suchs as film and games (content), and basically my sales are services instead of products.
Is there any template that can fit best fro this type of business?
I tried using some of the existing ones, but when it comes to delete things I dont need, its very complicated to figure out how to break those dependencies or links.



Not really sure your needs and work process, would you mind elaborating more on this and share some example with us? So that we could have a better understanding and suggest.

And here’s Ragic Learning Courses, we have some use cases and related templates. Please have a look, it might help.

If some of the existing templates meet some of your requirement, somehow there’s something you want to remove but unable to, you could refer to templates design and create new sheets. There’s also some instructions to templates in use cases.

Thats fine, I already got some work arounds and got it to work.

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please explain more