Service Report


I am a horticultural robotics engineer and i want to get rid of all the paper for service reports etc…
I want to make a service report what has to be signed by my customer on a tablet

I have created 3 databases:
1 with customer data
1 with (spare)parts
1 with questionaires

How to combine these to 1 sheet, what can be filled in, signed (e-pen on tablet) and send (preferred in PDF format) via email… if possible to 3 receipents at once: billing, the customer and to the cloud account


Are you looking for a way to combine 3 sheets information into 1? There’s some linking tools supported, you could refer to this article. It depends on what’s the end output you would like to have.

You can simply create a signature field which allows users sign in the field and send custom email and attached with PDF file of the entry to recipients.