Server was down?

Seems like it was out for at least 20 minutes. Came back now.
What happened? Got me worried.

I had the same, all of Ragic including the main sire was down.

One of our servers was running out of memory due to some problematic script that one of our users have written. We had to immediately suspend their account to get that server back to normal.

We already have quite a few mechanisms to avoid these types of bad scripts from affecting neighboring service, but there are indeed many possible ways to deplete the service of resources. We are considering adding a developmental server and only allow the editing of scripts on the development server, and only move the script back to production servers when they are fully tested.


Thanks for replying.
I already feel more confident.

regular Tuesday update,
it usually happens at Tuesday around 11:00 ~ 12:00 (Taiwan time) am for about 30 seconds

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