sequence number in a formula

Hi Ragic community,

I’m trying to generate serial numbers trough a formula.
I need to end the serial number with a sequence number.

So, my question is, is it possible to use auto sequence numbers in a formula?

For example, the first part of the number is text coming from field A1, the middle part of the serial number is the date, the last part of the number should be the sequence number.

Thanks guys!


If you would additionally like to reference another field’s value with an auto-generate field, you would have to create another field and use this formula to combine the texts. However, the sequence will not change with a different field value referenced for the first part of the text. The sequence will be like the following: A1, A2, C3, B4, B5, A6…

Alternatively, if you would like your sequence generated based on another field’s value, that other field must be a selection field. You may refer to this document for more details on the settings. With this setting, your sequence will be like the following: A1, A2, C1, B1, B2, A3, C2…

Thank you Fabio… Your explenation helped me solve the problem!