Send email using Record Owner as sender and note User as sender

Is there any way to configure the “Send Mail” function so it comes from the Record Owner and not the User? We send automated emails from one internal user on behalf of sales representatives and would like the email to indicate it was from the Record owner and not the User

Are you referring to the “send custom e-mail” function or the “e-mail this entry” function? It sounds that this would make more sense being a configuration for “send custom e-mail”, since “e-mail this entry” feels more like the current user is actually sending an e-mail.

We have an auto send email button set up on our quote sheet that we use to send quotes from Ragic. These are sent by one internal user on behalf of our sales reps who are external users. We have the reply to set up as the x-user and a copy to the record which both work fine but the system sends the initial email from the internal user and we would prefer that we could configure the email so it appears to be sent from the record owner not the internal user.


Would you please let us know if your send email button is set up by using this design tool?

We do use that tool. If we can switch this to a private conversation I will share the URL so you can see the design.


To have a private conversation and share the URL, you can send us a ticket via the “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database and filling the form of the support ticket.