Send Custom Email - Automatic Run After Creating A Record

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for some advice on custom email notifications in Ragic. Specifically, is there a way to send a custom email only after the record is saved for the first time?

When I select “Automatic run when saving”, it triggers every time someone edits and saves the record, as shown in the screenshot below:
Screenshot 2023-09-20 104020

When check “Automatic run when saving”. it runs every time someone edit and save the record.

Has anyone tried writing a script in the Post-workflow? I found this documentation: Creating a custom automatic e-mail notification about creating a custom automatic email notification. While I’m eager to give it a shot, I’d like to know if it’s possible to set the script to send the email only the first time the record is saved. Additionally, the parameters refer to the Field IDs, how can i refer to a default reply-to email, so users can respond directly, ensuring the email gets archived in the record.

Thank you for any advice in advance


Would sending emails using guest user email validation work for you? If not, you may need to add custom workflows to execute the email button only when creating a new record.


Thanks for responding. The guest user validation might not be effective since they can’t reply directly to the email. Based on the documentation, it appears that they will receive email notifications from the Ragic notification email address.

I’m interested in learning how to create a custom workflow that triggers the email button only when a new record is created. Where can I find more information on this?


You can refer to our Javascript document for more details.


I don’t see anything related to trigger action button after creating a record.


We have the isCreateNew() param to return if an entry is newly created.
If you have any JavaScript-related questions, please submit a support ticket so our team could better understand the situation.