Selective Masking Visibility

Currently if a field is masked, those users with permission to view the masked text will see a row of ••••••• and an ‘eye’ icon which they can click to unmask and thereby view the previously obscured text.

Please could we have a Design option so that for only those users with permission such masked fields load unmasked without the ‘eye’ icon?

Users without permission to view the field should of course not be able to unmask it.

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Viewable groups can be determined in Masked Text field setting. Please give it a try.

In your example only SYSAdmin can click on the eye icon to unmask the field. What I am suggesting is there should be an option for the following: users other than SYSAdmin should see the masked field (as they currently do), but SYSAdmin should see the field unmasked automatically - without needing to click the eye icon.

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any update on this function, this would be of great use!
I currently have multiple screens for different user groups jsut because of only a few fields that need to be hidden (costs, margins, prices, supplier name, client name… )
if this was implemented it would GREATLY increase the ease to program and REDUCE the complexity of having to manage multiple pages.

my suggestion is to have these 3 options for this field

  1. for some user group the field would be by default visible
  2. for some user group the data in the field would be hidden / greyed / show ****
  3. the current function to press and see

clarifiying the suggested implementation

Be able to add this functionality to ANY field, not only “masked text”

when creating a a) new sheet or b) sub-table, when creating a field with sensitive data, be able to select the field to be either

  1. DEFAULT VISIBLE : for some user group the field would be by default visible
  2. DEFAULT HIDEN : compleatly hide or grey out the ‘label’ or ‘brackground color’ of the field

The requested function could be also achieved by ussing the ‘conditional formatting’ rule, but for this to work it is needed that one of the IF conditions would be to select if the loged user and the selected options under “Ragic Groups”.
note: this is not ideal implementation since the information in the field is sensitive i would feel more confortable if this was implemented in the left column ‘field settings / basic’ (for audit and control purpose)