Selective Automatic Daily Calculation

I have read the instructions on Automatic daily recalculation

However, I don’t want to re-calculate ALL formulas on the sheet, just one or two. Is there any way to select which fields to re-calculate, and therefore which ones will be left alone by default?


If you would like to daily recalculate certain formulas, you could refer to this article and custom script to daily-workflow. We don’t have a specific document to this yet.

So I could script it like this?

var path = '/tab_path/sheet_path ';
entry.recalculateFormula(field id );

Or do I need all of these commands?

var nodeId = param.getNewNodeId(Key Field);
var path = ‘/tab_path/sheet_path’;
var query = db.getAPIQuery(path);
var entry = query.getAPIEntry(nodeId);
entry.recalculateFormula(field id );


You need to build a function to recalculate fields in Global Workflow first, and add the function in daily workflow.

The document below is Ragic Javascript Workflow Engine, which developers could refer to:

Is this something the Ragic support team can do for me? I really need to isolate a couple of fields for a daily recalculation rather than all of them on the sheet.


Ragic Support can’t help users writing scripts, I would suggest posting this request in Developers or Work Offered, there’s might be users have experience on this.

I’m going to add this to the Feature Request forum. It would be much easier for users if every calculation field had a checkbox in the design layout backend that could toggle re-calculation on/off.

One possible workaround that I thought of:

  1. Duplicate the sheet that contains the field(s) that I want to re-calculate (with Use Same Data Source selected)
  2. Delete the fields on the duplicated sheet that I do NOT want to re-calculate
  3. Enable daily re-calculation on the duplicated sheet
  4. The original sheet will also have those same fields updated with the new values

Please advise if this would work.


It might work, you could have a try.
The multiple version you want to recalculate should have all the fields that formulas need to refer to.