Selection using other sheet - with cascading function

I want to create a series of 2 selection type fields in my listing/form, using a cascading function. Since one of the selection lists is quite large, and will need it’s own periodic management, I don’t want to use the basic selection type box to input them. So…
I need to create one(or two?) table(s) with 2 fields: Type (small, only 5 choices) and a second list for Breed (large, filtered based on choice of Type). How would I create those two lists (one sheet, two sheets?), and then how do link those into the fields in my main sheet, which is “Model” with that cascading function? (I choose an item in the “Type” field, and then the “Breed” field is limited to breeds within that type)? thank you


You can create the “Type” field as the “Selection” field type while saving the “Breed” entries in an independent sheet.

In the “Breed” sheet, you’ll need to have at least two fields, one for the “Breed Name” and the other for the type it belongs to.

In the “Model” sheet, link your “Breed” field to the “Breed” sheet. Then, set dynamic filtering so that it only shows “Breed Name” that matches the type you input in the “Type” field.

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Excellent! I’ll definitely play with this tomorrow! :slight_smile: