Select from other Sheet


When you use select from another sheet, it opens up the whole sheet, even if you only need one or at most a few fields to select a record.

I would love to be able to select which fields to display on the listing page during a “select from other sheet” event and be able to make the “drop down” as small as possible.

What I am currently doing to circumvent this, is to duplicate the sheet. Then only display 1 to 3 columns just enough to identify the correct record for selection. It looks more professional and loads much faster during the selection process, though it is still way too large for a just a selection list or lookup table.

It works, but is neither elegant nor efficient. I would really appreciate this if you can look into this in future versions.

Kind regards and still loving Ragic!


Hi Daleen,

Thank you for your suggestion and support of Ragic!
We do have plan to implement the feature that you can create different views of the sheet so that you don’t have to create multiple versions of the sheet, this can also be used for having a view of selection list (when it’s the source sheet of select from other sheet field type.)
We will let you know once it’s supported!



Yes! I want this too!


Yes, this is an important feature no prevent confusion