Select Field for New Sheet from Subtable

I need to create a new sheet from my subtable in order to create a report I need, but when I go to create new sheet and it asks for: The new sheet will link back to this form by selecting a:XXXX the box doesn’t include all my fields? This means that when I create the subtable I can’t tell what all the lists are related to.
Please help.


For your information, to be configured as the linked field of new sheet from subtable, the field value of linked field must be unique.

Hence, I’ll suggest creating a auto-generated field to have a unique ID for each entry. Then, you’ll be able to link the subtable back to the sheet with this field.

If this is not the answer what you’re looking for, please kindly elaborate more through “Need Help?” in the upper right corner of your Ragic database, Thank you.