Search by area code

I need to be able to create new separate sheets based on a search by area code in one sheet. How is it possible for me to be able to conduct this?


As I’m not quite sure what you mean, would you mind to share an example of what you would like to achieve so that we could guide?

As in I would like to pull entries from our database with the area codes of 678, 770, 470, 404, and 417. When I tried to pull out the 417 area code, it only showed me 300 entries. I know that we have 1500+ in our database. As I transferred them over into it myself from all of our google sheets.
I searched using the entry “417” Is this incorrect or should I be doing it differently?


If the entries are all imported, please kindly rebuild your search engine index first and then retry if the filter works. If it still doesn’t work, please send us a ticket via the “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database.