Scan document to a form page?

I was wondering how I could be able to scan a document to a form page in Ragic.


Hi Kane,

As I’m not quite sure what you mean, would you mind to share an user case for this? :slight_smile:

Hi Angie,

Sure, I have a real estate db ( I would like to quickly be able to get the info found in the forms (that ones filled out for listing a property) into my database, and would like to do so by “scanning” as I said, the “request to list property” form…

It would be sure to save me lots of valuable time currently being spent doing data entry, as that’s how the information found on those form gets into the database for me today!

Are you referring to scanning a physical copy of paper form, or scanning a Word document into a Ragic record? If so, that is not supported.

Hi Jeff,

Just checking on this here again!

Did you say “scanning a physical copy of a form as well as scanning a word document, are both not supported?” Or “just scanning a word document is not supported?”.

If this is true as you say, and both are not supported. Then the questing that I would have to ask you then Jeff is, “Is there any work around?”, from my perspective here as a “none program” the question arises as to what a programer would be thinking in term of still being able to do this,…if you follow…

And I would also be interested to know Jeff as to whether or not this may be a feature using Ragic, in the future?

For readers, I found the following article helpful, as once a document is scanned into Excel it can then be imported into a form or sheet in Ragic:

How do I scan a document into Excel?

“I better get back to getting this done !!!”

I have found that Scan to PDF’s software is great for scan organization. They have a plugin that OCR’s forms and zones and puts that information into a structured file. I have not used it, but that might be what you need. Specifically, I think this plugin package might work for you: (no affiliate link… i’m not affiliated with the company at all). You may want to add the “Profiles” plugin to that solution so you could have one profile for buyer form type A, another for buyer form type B, one for Seller LA, etc.

Good luck!
David Szostek

Thanks Dave for your input!

I will continue here and say that scanning to word is a simple Microsoft Windows function, and you can then easily get free open-source OCR software from the Windows Store, then converting from Word to Excel is a straightforward process.

However with that said, as it is possible to create forms that can be filled out either online or by hand using, as you said, proprietary software, scanned in such a way that form data captured using such software, will match exactly with your excel file columns when exporting to excel, you then have to import into Ragic, or you could link directly to Ragic fields (best case solution from Ragic’s perspective).

I have to mention, that the question now does again present itself, as to weather Ragic will consider importing scanned forms directly into the database, where all OCR’ing would be done seamlessly! That would be great, if I do say so myself!

In closing, as said you have the option today to either go with the Microsoft Windows type solution, with Free OCR software, a bit long-winded (as you have to use Word and Excel) but gets the job done never the less. Or you can get a proprietary application that is hosted in the cloud (so less long-winded), with the only added advantage that I can see, other than being less long-winded, so to speak, would be that “forms” could also be filled in online as well (however if that is to be helpful at all, I can’t be quite sure in the Ragic instance, as one would have already had the Ragic Form that could just as easily be filled online, it’s just that you can’t just print your Ragic form, fill it out by hand, then scan it back in)