Saving personal templates for re-use

Is it possible to save our own templates for re-use when setting up new forms?


Currently, Ragic does not support saving customize sheet template. However, if you would like to create new form with the same sheet design, you may right click on the sheet name and select “Duplicate Sheet”.

Please uncheck the box in the pop-up window:

Then, click on “Duplicate Sheet”, you’ll have a new sheet with the same sheet structure.

That’s a great point there!

You see me too! I’ve got sheets that I would really like to use when creating new Ragic accounts, as a Ragic Partner.

At the moment I can copy one pre-existing site and load it on to a new Ragic account with no problem at all. However if I, like I said have just one sheet from a pre-existing Ragic account that I would like to use, then I could copy the whole account over to a new account and delete all the sheets that I don’t want.

However the point then is how about if I have other sheets that I would now like to use from other pre-existing accounts, then there is no way at the moment to copy them across to any new account using a personal template repository of sorts, if you will. As mentioned… So at this time, in such cases I would need to start from scratch and build over the entire sheet required!

But then again guys there is always the Ragic Templates Library. You can make suggestions and submit your own temples there if you like! But then again a personal Repository may be a good thing to have too!

I think it will be very beneficial to the Ragic community if there is another set templates templates maybe called “user submitted templates” or something along those lines, in addition to the pre-built templates by Ragic.

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