Saved Filters

I just had an idea. It would help if personal views were marked differently, i.e. a different color, than shared views. Sometimes one of us will save something as personal then when someone else starts working on it, we have to recreate the wheel because the first person forgot it was a personal view.

Speaking of saved filters, the following would also be helpful. First, if we could somehow have permissions for different filters. There’s ones that I and the other sysadmin use that the whole team doesn’t need but both of us do. Then also it would be nice if you could order saved filters. Right now (at least as far as I can tell), it’s somewhat random. I’d like to be able to put a new one that is now more important at the top. Our saved filter list is rather long on some of the sheets. And because it’s so long, it would also be helpful if we could have folders for filters. That’s what I do on Windows File Explorer. I have a “shortcuts” folder. Inside are folders for groups of shortcuts, then inside those are the shortcuts to the various servers and places on the server that I need. I started it because my Quick Access was getting ridiculously long.

I’m not sure how all of these would work exactly or even if it’s possible, but just a few ideas.


Thanks for the suggestions, it would be more friendly to users if we could make saved filters more easier to be distinguished. I’ve forward these requests to our team and will have a discussion on the feasibility.