Running Calculations from the Listing Page

Is there a setting to change somewhere so that when I make field changes in bulk on the listing page and save them, calculations will automatically run on all the changed records? Right now any changes made on the listing page will not trigger calculations on the actual records, and I still have to open and re-save them one by one for the calculations to happen.


All of the form design and changes set under form page design mode and these designs are triggered when entries are added under form pages. Usually listing page is a tool to have a overlook and get the summery of all records. Please see here to find out more information.
If you wish to edit entry on listing page and get the calculation result directly, you will need to add the same formula(or other form design) into the respective fields in listing page design as well to make sure that the results are synced in both form page and listing page when editing on listing page.
For example, if you have a formula written in field A in form design, you also need to add corresponding formula into field A under listing page design.

Ahhh, so simple and yet I didn’t think of it. Thanks!